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Jeff Larrimore

Jeff Larrimore

Since the Spring of 2014 I have worked as an economist at the Federal Reserve Board in the Division of Consumer and Community Affairs. I received my PhD in Economics from Cornell University in 2010 and my BA from Davidson College in 2004. After receiving my PhD, I worked for the Joint Committee on Taxation of the US Congress for several years before joining the Federal Reserve Board. I have also taught as an adjunct professor for both Georgetown University and the University of Maryland.

My primary research interests involve issues of economic inequality. They include understanding the level and trend of inequality for society as a whole (such as the share of income going to the top 1% or the population Gini coefficient) or between demographic groups (such as gender or racial earnings gaps or income gaps between people with and without disabilities), exploring how inequality differs based on how it is measured, determining factors contributing to inequality growth, and considering the consequences of inequality. As such, my interests include aspects of labor economics, health economics, public finance, gender and family economics, and the economics of education. Links and abstracts for my research is available through the CV portion of my website.

I have also worked extensively over the past several years exploring internal March CPS data to determine the impact of Census topcoding on inequality measures. As part of this project, I extended the cell-mean series for topcoded incomes back to 1976 (see Larrimore et al. 2008 for more details on this series) and a merge-file that can used to merge these cell-means into the public-use data. This series allows researchers to closely replicate from the internal CPS data with access only to the public-use data. For additional precision, there is also a series of variances of topcoded incomes in the CPS data (see Burkhauser, Feng, and Larrimore 2010 for details of this series). Please contact me if you are interested in using the cell-mean series in your research and I will happily provide you with the merge-file to simplify the process of incorporating this information into the dataset.

Contact Information

Jeff Larrimore
Federal Reserve Board
20th Street and Constitution Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20551